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Xtream Pool Slide

Can Turn Left or Right

Product Details

Xtream Pool Slide

The 6' X-Stream 2 pool slide boasts an infiguating two-turn ride that will turn your pool into the new neighborhood hot spot. Make the biggest splash you can with this high banking pool slide! The Zoom Flume water system is the best water delivery system in the industry to provide the best and most slippery slide ride you can get. Assemble to turn in either a right of left configuration.


  • Fully molded treads provide safe access to slide
  • 6' (72-1/2") high at seating area
  • Extremely durable, impact resistant, space age plastic construction
  • Grip-Around handrail for safe climbing
  • Safe, slip-resistant treads prevent "Slip-Throughs"
  • Deep flume runway
  • Easy installation
  • 250 lb weight limit

Product Manuals

Xtream Manual

Xtream Warranty

Expert's Advice

The Above Ground Pool Professional's Advice

Slides add a great fun to any pool.  Of course you will need a deck with the proper amount of space to install the slide (see manual for details).  Also, the slide will need water and can be connected to the pool's filter system for this.