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Wild Ride Slide (white)

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Wild Ride Slide (white)


Product Details

Wild Ride Slide (white)


 The 6’ Wild Ride™ slide offers up a fantastic thrill ride for the most discriminating of sliders. The Zoom Flume water delivery system supplies a rush of water to give you that water park-like ride right in your own backyard! This swimming pool slide is available in a right or left turn configuration.

  • configured in either a left or right curve
  • 6.5' (77.5") High at Seating Area
  • Exclusive Stainless Steel Deck Flange
  • The slide comes complete with plumbing and hardware kit and deck anchors
  • Backed by a 3-Year Warranty
  • Available in White, Tan, Gray & Blue

Expert's Advice

The Above Ground Pool Professional's Advice

Slides add a great fun to any pool.  Of course you will need a deck with the proper amount of space to install the slide (see manual for details).  Also, the slide will need water and can be connected to the pool's filter system for this.