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Hayward 23" Matrix Sand Filter w/ Matrix 1.5 hp pump

Most Reliable Filter System

Hayward 23" Matrix Sand Filter w/ Matrix 1.5 hp pump


Product Details

Hayward 23" Matrix Sand Filter w/ Matrix 1.5 hp pump

Superior filtration from the inside out.
The Pro Series filter features an integral top diffuser that evenly distributes unfiltered water over the sand media bed in a cascading, umbrella-like pattern. This allows the greatest filtration possible from every square inch of sand. Then the self-cleaning underdrain assembly, with its 360° slotted laterals, provides a fast, balanced flow of clear water back to the pool while allowing for more thorough backwashing. Best of all, the Pro's full-flow technology reduces your energy costs because the filter operates for shorter periods.

Seven-position valve puts you in control.
The patented, multiport control valve developed by Hayward was designed with seven pool filter positions. An easy-to-use lever-action handle lets you quickly dial any function.

Long-lasting convenience.
You can easily access the Pro Series filter assembly for simple servicing via the unique folding ball joint in the laterals. A corrosion-proof housing protects the filter from severe weather for years to come.
Pro Series Specifications
Filter type:
High-rate sand: No. 1/2 silican sand (.45 mm - .55 mm)
Filter tank:
Molded polymeric
360° self-cleaning slotted laterals, precision installed in ball-joint assembly
Control valve:
Four or seven-position, top-mount Vari-Flo™ valve with level-action handle
Valve fastening:
Flange clamp design
Pump and motor:
PowerFlo Matrix Series Pump - 115 volts
Mounting base:
Injection-molded ABS
System Features  
  • Systems are designed for quick assembly and precise alignment of components
  • Pumps and filters are performance-matched to provide maximum flow and energy efficiency
  • Optional microprocessor pump timer available
  • Filter bases are molded of rugged thermoplastic for long-lasting, all-weather performance
  • 7-position Vari-Flo™ valve provides maximum flow at low pressure drop.


Pro Series Filter System
Model No
Filter Control Valve
System Components
Power-Flo Matrix
67 lbs.



System Components
1. 3" twist lock cord (UL)
2. Power-Flo Matrix pump
3. 1 ½" hose packages include: two (2) 1 1/2" x 6' lengths of hose, hose adapters and hose clamps
4. Deluxe one piece base accepts automatic chlorine feeders (CL110ABG/CL220ABG)