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Pool Foam & Cove

Permanent Pool Cove

Protect the Pool's Cove

Product Details

Permanent Pool Cove

  • Cove fills the void at the pool's base, eliminating excessive stretching, which can damage a liner.
  • Peel & Place Cove has self-adhesive back for secure installation.
  • Track Cove has a groove that snaps into the track at the bottom of the pool.
  • Eliminates the need for building messy sand or dirt coves.
  • Will not wash away or hold moisture like sand or dirt pool coves.
  • Fast and easy to install.

Expert's Advice

The Above Ground Pool Professional's Advice

Permanent Pool Cove is what we call an insurance policy.  If you are in a situation where water is flowing and running around the pool, then permanent cove will help protect your pool's cove from washing away. 

The cove is a very important structural idea with above ground pools and protecting it is a must.  The cove is peel and stick, so installation is a snap!