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Waveless Floor Foam

Cushion the Pool's Floor

Product Details

Waveless Floor Foam

Waveless floor foam provides the ultimate in comfort and protection.  Easy to install and lasting a lifetime, Waveless floor foam is a must for every new install or liner replacement.  See what many have used to take their pool's floor to the next level.

Waveless floor foam gives an extra level of protection from rocks and sticks that work their way up from the ground underneath your liner.  Also, like a carpet pad under the carpet in your home, Waveless floor foam creates a padding under the liner which gives you comfort and cushion underneath your feet.

Expert's Advice

The Above Ground Pool Professional's Advice

Once a pool is filled with water, the sand underneath the liner will quickly become hard like concrete from the water weight on top of it.  This is where floor foam comes in.  Seeing as though you are always bare foot inside the pool, floor foam will give you that extra cushion and comfort. 

Floor foam is extremely easy to install and we recommend it for every pool we sell or install.  We have it on our pools and we know you would love it in yours!