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Nature2 Express Mineral System

Cut Chlorine use in Half

Nature2 Express Mineral System

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Nature2 Express Mineral System


Nature 2 mineral purifiers provide a revolutionary and effective way to sanitize your swimming pool. By using a layer of minerals to destroy bacteria, Nature 2 mineral purifiers provide a gentle, natural way to keep your water clean and healthy. During the regular pool filtration cycle, water flows through the Nature2 Express cartridge, where a combination of silver and copper minerals destroy bacteria. This significantly reduces the need for large amounts of chlorine. This process is cost effective and lowers the incidence of irritated skin and eyes while dramatically improving the look and feel of your pool water!

  • Considerably reduces the amount of chemicals needed to sanitize your pool!
  • Controlled Release Technology (CRT) ensures optimal mineral levels and no staining
  • Continuous use of Nature 2 results in less suspended matter and a more consistent pH balance.
  • No more stinging eyes, bleached hair or harsh chemical odors!
  • Quick, do-it-yourself installation. No electricity required!
  • Easy in-line installation, no extra parts or system upgrades needed. Install into to your existing 1.5 inch or 2 inch rigid PVC pipe plumbing.
  • Works in pools up to 25,000 gallons. For larger in-ground pools, install 2 units.
  • Cartridge should be replaced every season or after 6 months of continuous use.

Expert's Advice

The Above Ground Pool Professional's Advice

The easiest way to explain a Nature2 Mineral System is like this:  Have you ever had a fish tank?  You can't put chlorine in the tank to clean the water, you will kill your fish.  So what do you do?  You use a mineral cartridge.  As the water flows through the mineral cartridge, the nature effects of the minerals on the water is to kill the bacteria. 

This is exactly the same idea as a Nature2.  As the pool's water flows through the cartridge, the bacteria is killed and the water is left clean.  However, seeing as though the pool is not in as controlled of an environment as a fish tank, chlorine is still needed to keep the sanitizer level proper, but the chlorine use is cut in half.  This saves you money and keeps the water cleaner with less chlorine in the water.  WIN/WIN!


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