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Liner Conversion Strips


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Liner Conversion Strips

Easily Converts Your Overlap Pool into a Beaded Pool.

Our Liner Conversion Strips allow you to quickly and easily convert your overlap pool into a Beaded Pool. Overlap liners simply go up over the edge of the pool and hang down on the other side. On the other hand, beaded pool liners attach to a track that runs along the pool’s edge.


While overlap liners are one of the most common types of swimming pool liners found in backyard pools, beaded pool liners are very decorative and are becoming increasingly popular among pool owners. Fortunately, it’s easy to transform your overlap pool into a pool with a beaded liner.

To accomplish this transformation, simply attach the Liner Conversion Strips to your overlap pool wall, converting it into a beaded wall almost instantly. Installation is extremely easy and will require minimal time and effort on your part.

Liner Conversion Strips are ideal for pools with decks and fencing and will provide you with the decorative look you want without any unnecessary hassles or frustrations.



Just choose the size pool that you have and we will send out the right amaount of the 4' Liner Conversion Strips.