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Solar Blanket

Raise water from 8-15 degrees

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Solar Blankets

Our round and oval solar blankets are the economical and environmentally friendly way to gradually raise the temperature of your swimming pool by up to 15 degrees! Solar blankets feature thousands of tiny air pockets which capture heat from the sun and transfer it to your pool water while also acting as insulators to prevent the heat you’ve gained from escaping. At the same time, solar blankets reduce chemical loss through evaporation, saving you money!  Retain more heat and extend your swimming season with an Above Ground Pros solar blanket!

Expert's Advice

The Above Ground Pool Professional's Advice

Solar covers are a great affordable way to heat the pool's water.  They way that a solar blanket works is that it does not necessarily heat the water, but insulate the pool so that the heat gained in the day is not lost during the cooler hours of the night.  We have seen solar blankets raise the water temperature up to 15 degrees, but 8-12 is more common.

Solar blankets are also a great starter heater for those people that are not quite ready to commit to a more expensive heating system.