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Installation Packages

Installation Package Upgrades


*Prices shown at the bottom of this page*

Bronze Package

Includes an essential upgrade.  The pump/filter system gets PVC hard piping with shut off valves making cleaning baskets and maintenance of system 100% easier.  Removes the need for replacing cheap plastic hoses that constantly break and create pinholes.  PVC will last for the life of the pool.   Blocks are also installed underneath the pump/filter system protecting the system and preventing sinking and shifting.


Silver Package

Our most popular package consisting of the complete Bronze Package in addition to a season long ant treatment preventing the ever present ants in your yard from penetrating the liner and causing pinholes (which is the main reason most customers replace their liners) and a solid cushion of floor foam which protects your liner from underground damage in addtion to creating a "carpet pad" effect under the liner giving you a soft cushion for the floor of the swimming pool.


Gold Package

Includes all the features of the Silver Package including Wall Foam.  Wall Foam protects the wall from the corrosive properties of the water due to a puncture in the wall of the liner and it also insulates the wall of the pool preventing heat loss of the water through the wall keeping your water temperature warmer.  A great idea if you plan on heating the pool now or down the road.


Platinum Package

Includes all the features of the Gold Package including a 1' Deep Center expanding your pool depth and enjoyment.  This is an essential package for those customers that enjoy the option of deeper water in their swimming pool.  Please keep in mind that this 1' Deep Center is ONLY availiable in round pools.  Straps and bracing of oval pools prevent a deep center from being installed.


Diamond Package

Includes all the features of the Platinum Package including a maindrain installed in the center of the pool's deepend.  This allows for the easiest cleaning a pool customer can have.  As the pump moves the water in a circular fashion, the dirt and debris is collecting within the center of the pool.  To clean out the debris you will simply open the maindrain by turning its shutoff vavles and the debris will be vacuumed into the filter through the maindrain reducing manual vacuuming to nearly nothing.



all prices are in addition to the standard installation pricing