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Hayward Aqua-Trol Deluxe Salt System

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Hayward Aqua-Trol Deluxe Salt System


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Hayward Aqua-Trol Deluxe Salt System

The Hayward AquaTrol Salt Chlorinator RJ is designed for above ground pools up to 18,000 gallons. It installs directly into your existing return jet.

The beauty of the AquaTrol Salt Chlorinator is the softness and cleanliness of the water that it produces. You have never experienced this level of comfortability in your water that the AquaTrol provides. In addition, the cost of chemicals are reduced by 80%. Stop fooling with expensive chlorine and enjoy the low cost of salt water maintenance. Instead of you testing and adding chemicals, the AquaTrol does it for you reducing your chemical maintenance to almost zero.

The AquaTrol has a digital interface with seven diagnostic indicators and an easy-to-read salt display, featuring Power, Generating, Super Chlorinate, No Glow, Test Salt Level, High Salt, and Inspect Cell options for understandable updates and evaluations. It features a straight-blade type plug in cord and runs on 120V/15A for efficient operation. With a 24-hour timer that controls pump filtration in 15 minute segments, AquaTrol promises automated convenience for hassle-free pool care.

The AquaTrol RJ comes with everything needed for installation, including the control box, salt cell, union connections and adapters for return jet mounting.


  • For above ground pools up to 18,000 gallons
  • Installs into existing return jet
  • Includes control box, salt cell, union connections, and adapters
  • Seven diagnostic indicators
  • 24-hour timer turning your pump on and off as needed
  • Straight blade 120V/15A line cord/receptacle
  • Simple Installation
One Year Limited Warranty, see Owner's Manual for details

Product Manuals

Aqua-Trol Manual

Expert's Advice

The Above Ground Pool Professional's Advice

We believe the Aqua-Trol Salt System is possibly the greatest advancement in the swimming pool industry in years.  However, the salt system has to be placed on the correct pool.  The only problem with the salt system is that it will corrode the steel components of the pool's framework.  Salt and metal do not mix!  This requires the pool's framework to be designed for salt use.  This means an ALL resin pool, not just a pool with resin top seats, but the entire frame must be made from resin.  Resin is basically a high grade plastic that has no negative effects from salt use.

If your pool is an ALL resin model, then the salt system will be a blessing for you.  Lower maintenance costs throughout the season and lower chemical maintenance from you.  The salt system will handle your sanitizer levels in the pool on its own.  Just add salt and set the Aqua-Trol's settings and you are basically finished.  Sweet!