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WITH POOL KIT / Dirt Devil Automatic Cleaner

Perfect for smaller pools

WITH POOL KIT / Dirt Devil Automatic Cleaner



Product Details

Dirt Devil Automatic Cleaner

"Nothing escapes the power of a Dirt Devil."

For over 100 years, Dirt Devil has been a household name in vacuums and cleaners. Now, we want to introduce you to, the Dirt Devil automatic pool cleaner! It makes pool maintenance a breeze. Simply attach the hose to your pool filter system and off it goes. This high quality pool cleaner will effectively pick up dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool allowing you to enjoy the pool instead of working on it.


  • Desinged for above ground pools
  • Includes hose for up to 24' pool (4' additional hoses available)
  • Specially designed tangle free hose
  • Hose seperates into 4' sections for easy storage
  • Easy to hook up and easy to operate
  • Includes everything you need to vacuum your pool automatically


  • Seperate hose sections after use or hose can become warped
  • It will be necessary to prime the hose before vacuum will create suction
  • It may be necessary to occasionally move vac away from pool steps

Expert's Advice

The Above Ground Pool Professional's Advice

The Dirt Devil Automatic Cleaner is the perfect cleaner for smaller pools with lighter debris.  Heavy amount of leaves or large debris will cause a challenge for the Dirt Devil, but light debris and dirt and sand are easy for the unit to take care of.

The cleaner has enough hose for a 24' round and we recommend you use this cleaner with a 24' or smaller.

Above Ground Swimming Pools

Welcome to where we strive offer wholesale priced above ground swimming pool kits and accessories. Since 1994, our goal has been to lead the above ground swimming pool industry with sales of the highest quality at the most affordable pricing, top notch installation, and superior customer service.

An above ground swimming pool brings the joy of an amusement park, the refreshment of a cool shower, the relaxation of a bubble bath, and the togetherness of a Thanksgiving dinner to your backyard. What do people do in above ground pools? They play together. They build relationships. They exercise. They strengthen their bodies. They relax. They calm their lives down. That’s what people do in above ground pools.

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Our above ground swimming pool packages come intelligently equipped, skillfully assembled, and fully intact. We believe in starting off on the right foot, therefore our packages have been established with three concepts in mind:

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Superior Customer Service

To help with your purchasing process on above ground pools, we have designed a video walkthrough that will lead you through the steps of purchasing your new above ground pool kit. Our above ground pools are specifically designed for homeowner installation.

To help you with the installation process, we have designed a SUPER SIMPLE Above Ground Pools Installation Video, in addition to the installation manual, and over the phone installation support. With thousands of above ground pools installed by us, we can show you all the tricks and tips to creating a professional installation on your first experience.